Axiom Mortgage Solutions

What's your company story?

I’ve been a mortgage broker for 12 years with Axiom. I absolutely love my job, my clients I get to work with, and the company I work with!

What do you enjoy most about being a Quikcard member?

I love the flexibility of being able to spend my money on where I need it instead of being allotted a certain amount for services I don’t need!

What is one thing people are surprised to learn about your business?

That my services are free!

Who is your ideal client/customer?

I like to work with good people. I have a laid back approach with clients, I want them to have as stress-free an experience as possible but I am also very focused on getting the best mortgage and the best rates for any client coming my way.

What has been your biggest challenge since COVID-19 and how did you/your business overcome it?

Lenders are tightening up their regulations on lending so knowing where a client will fit is critical. I’ve always spent a lot of time reviewing lender policies and right now this is more important than ever to ensure a mortgage is approved for my clients in a timely fashion.

What is your favourite thing to do in Edmonton (or Canadian city you're from)?

I love going to concerts and visiting local restaurants!

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