Your Workplace Wellness is Our Top Priority

Quikcard's employee wellness solutions nurture personal health and strengthen company success. As an employee, our worksite wellness programs give you the freedom and control you need to take care of yourself and your family. As an employer, we help fortify your operations with greater tax savings, cost control, and simplified plan administration —all while helping you achieve a healthier, more productive, and more stable work environment.

Business Health Plans that Give You More Value and Freedom

As an employer, Quikcard's health spending accounts allow you to tailor your employee benefits plans to your budget and your healthcare needs. As an employee, you get to choose how to spend your eligible benefits. Used as a supplement or an alternative to traditional business health plans, health spending accounts are fully customizable. They're here to give you more of what you want (more choice, savings, and flexibility) and less of what you don't (no premiums, sign-up fees, deductibles, medical questionnaires, or complex policies).

Investing in Wellness Investing in You

A Wellness Spending Account (WSA) is a taxable allowance funded by employers and provided to employees. As an employer, you define the annual maximum amount and categories of eligible wellness benefits—ensuring cost certainty. As an employee, you have the freedom to choose the wellness options that best meet your personal needs to better support your physical and mental health.

Employee Benefits and Services for Every Trip

Quikcard's employee health and wellness programs provide peace of mind and comprehensive protection -anywhere in the world. Our group travel insurance, offered through Canada Life, includes quick, convenient enrollment with no medical questionnaires or deductibles. It offers up to 60 days of coverage per trip, 24/7 emergency assistance from a multilingual team, and a wide range of additional travel insurance benefits.

Employee Benefit Services that Include
On-Demand Healthcare

Quikcard has partnered with Telus Health Virtual Care to provide continuous, real-time medical support-24 hours a day, seven days a week. A dedicated team of clinicians is standing by to deliver personalized services via encrypted text and video consults-ensuring that mental and physical healthcare is available where and when it's needed with no waiting rooms, parking, transit, or time off work.

Proactively Nurture Employee
Wellness with an EAP

Here to actively support employees during difficult, traumatic or challenging times, Quikcard has partnered with HumanaCare to offer a compassionate Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This corporate wellness solution uses an employee-centred care model-including a holistic service menu and easy access —to nurture the wellness of employees when it's needed most. In turn, it works to help improve organizational performance, boost productivity, and facilitate better outcomes.