Why Quikcard

Why Quikcard

Get the Coverage You Need

Quikcard offers a full range of health benefits, and insurance coverage options and packages to meet the needs of every one of our clients, including you. Maybe your employees require specialized dental coverage, or a disability insurance package with more options – or maybe they need a well-rounded benefits plan that covers all the bases. From dental, medical, vision, life and disability insurance coverage, the experts at Quikcard will help select the best plan for your business at the right price.

Benefits Packages that are right for you

The benefits plan administrators at Quikcard are equipped to help you create the best plan for your business – by trimming back coverage areas you may not require, increasing coverage in another area where your business and employees may need more protection – and knowing how to keep costs down. Talk to the experts to get your employees the health benefits they need and your company the protection it requires to stay in business.

Mix and Match Coverage Providers

Through our many strong relationships with a wide range of health insurance providers in Canada, Quikcard is equipped to offer clients like you the chance to pick and choose the coverage you want from different carriers. Create a truly custom employee health benefits plan by selecting the benefit solutions that fit your business – without the restrictions of any one provider. Get better coverage with more choices.

Get Better Rates

Connect to Canada’s preferred pricing network with Quikcard and you’ll have access to some of the lowest rates in the country. It’s all thanks to our years of trusted and reliable service as a health insurance solutions provider – and it translates into savings and benefits for every one of our clients, their employees and their business.

Benefits that Grow with Your Business

As your business changes and grows within your industry and marketplace, your employee health benefits needs will also change. More employees, more specialties, new challenges and new plan requirements mean that the health benefits plan you create with Quikcard today will likely require adjustments and additions down the road.