Join the movementchallenge and unleash your inner hero

Are you ready to challenge yourself and make a difference in the world? Join the Heroes Unleashed Cross-Canada Challenge, a movement to inspire and activate transformation through physical activity, community and finding purpose. Whether you run, walk, bike, swim, or dance, you can participate in this exciting event and support a great cause.

Join the Heroes Unleashed Cross-Canada Challenge

The Heroes Unleashed Cross-Canada Challenge is a movement challenge that invites Canadians to track their activities and collectively cover the distance from coast to coast. Along the way, you'll discover stories of everyday heroes who are making an impact in their communities and beyond.
To join the movement challenge, you'll need to create a team or register as an individual. Please fill out the form below and click submit. All fields are mandatory. You'll not only improve your physical and mental health, but also help raise funds and awareness for Little Warriors, a non-profit organization that is combating child sexual abuse in Canada.

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Track your Movements

  • You can enter any kind of movement you do, such as walking, running, biking, swimming, yoga, etc.

  • The movement tracker will enable you to record any kind of physical exercise or activity and have it converted to cycling kilometer equivalents (CKE), allowing you to virtually travel across Canada with the Heroes Unleashed Team.

  • The website will add your CKEs to your individual or team total and display it on the leaderboard below. You can see how you rank among other participants and teams as well as how Matt does during the challenge.

  • The challenge runs for a limited time, so make sure you enter your movement and check your totals regularly and stay active!


How do you compare to others or how is your team performing against other teams in Canada? How are you doing compared to Matt?  Remember we are converting all movements into cycling kilometer equivalents (CKE).