Credit Counselling Society

What's your company story?

We started out 25 years ago in 1996, three people and one shared PC in one small office with a goal to help Canadians struggling with their debt. Now we have over 100 staff including over 40 licensed Credit Counsellors and a dedicated team of 12 Financial Educators and have offices in 17 cities. Since we started out we have had over 900,000 people come to us for help, educated over 110,000 Canadians and helped our clients repay over $1/2 Billion of debt! We don’t loan money, we focus on free individual credit counselling, budgeting assistance, financial literacy education and low cost debt management programs.

What do you enjoy most about being a Quikcard member?

The speed and efficiency of the reimbursement process and having a lot of control over how my funds are allocated to which health need. Oops, that is two!

What is one thing people are surprised to learn about your business?

That just about everything we do is free or low cost and that we help people without loaning money. Oops. That is two again!

Who is your ideal client/customer?

Everyone who doesn’t need us. In a perfect world, no one would need our services. In reality, however, many of us will run into financial difficulty for one reason or another, at one time or another. We help our clients plot a course to correct those financial challenges and to improve their financial future. We are in the business of helping others understand our financial system and how to tap into it without running into any potential pitfalls. We try to help those who are having problems manage their debts. We are a non-profit and ideally we would love it if things got to the point where we weren’t needed anymore, where nobody was living with financial concerns.

What has been your biggest challenge since COVID-19 and how did you/your business overcome it?

Our business is twofold in its focus; we help the individual with 1:1 credit counselling and we work with organizations and employers to provide financial literacy education. Both the counselling side and the education side faced the same COVID challenge. We couldn’t meet with people directly any more. Fortunately we were able to adapt with technology and web meetings and things worked themselves out nicely.

What is your favourite thing to do in Edmonton (or Canadian city you're from)?

Is it too corny to say go for a walk in the park with my wife and our dog?

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