My Well Self and Quikcard Announce Strategic Partnership

July 4, 2024

My Well Self and Quikcard are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership.

This exciting partnership allows Quikcard HSA card holders a way to better optimize HSA spending, increase access to HSA eligible well-being services and streamline well-being via the My Well Self platform.

With Health Spendings Accounts (HSAs) and other flexible health benefits solutions playing an increasingly important role in employee well-being and satisfaction, leading HSA providers like Quikcard recognize the need to offer technology framed resources to help increase smarter utilization of HSA dollars. 

“This partnership is quite exciting. Quikcard has been a staple in Canada for over 30 years and their understanding of the growing HSA industry pairs with the strategic roadmap of My Well Self where we focus on using our technology to streamline access to HSA eligible well-being services” said Brenda Ahenkorah, CEO of My Well Self. 

“Overall employee well-being should always be top of mind for everyone. Every individual is different. At Quikcard, you aren’t just a number on a file or a name in a database; you are a valued individual. The same can be said for My Well Self, which is truly focused on personal well-being goals. Partnering with My Well Self provides individuals with a tool to better understand how to fully utilize their HSA and maximize its true potential” said Chris Biddeson, Vice President Business Development at Quikcard.

The My Well Self platform will serve Quikcard’s robust network of HSA card holders across Canada providing proprietary access to tools, technologies, and delivery capabilities helping to better optimize HSA spending.

My Well Self is a digital health platform that helps to better optimize HSA spending and streamline well-being management through a user-friendly and secure technology, facilitating the attainment of personal well-being goals and more.

For over 30 years, Quikcard has proudly challenged the status quo to make health and wellness more accessible and more affordable for Canadian businesses.

Learn more about the My Well Self Platform here.

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