Self-Care and Stress Management

May 7, 2024

May is mental health awareness month, and it is so easy to push your mental health aside as life gets so busy for all of us. It is beyond important that we take the time to keep ourselves rejuvenated and do some personal check-ins. In this post we will go over why it is so important to look after yourself as well as some ideas on self-care and stress management.

Why is self-care so important? Think of self-care as the first domino in a long line of looking after yourself. Something as small as taking 10 minutes each day to write in a journal can drastically help your mental health which in turn helps your physical health and can easily help lower your stress levels. Engaging in self-care is the first step to looking after yourself and runs directly into helping manage stress. Stress is a common experience for everyone, whether it stems from personal matters or work responsibilities. Every now and then we all need that reminder to take a step back and take a moment to let the stress go.

Here are a few ideas for Self-Care and Stress Management:

  1. Stay Hydrated
  2. Take a lunchtime stroll
  3. Pamper yourself- go get a manicure or pedicure or do them at home. Use a face mask and just take some ‘you’ time.
  4. Work out
  5. Do some yoga
  6. Write in a journal/start a gratitude journal
  7. Take a relaxing bath
  8. Buy yourself flowers
  9. Celebrate silence
  10. Make time to do something you enjoy a few times a week – Reading, writing, video gaming, hiking, drawing.
  11. Talk to someone – using mental health services does not mean something is wrong, sometimes you just need someone to listen to your daily struggles and that is more than okay.
  12. Practice deep breathing
  13. Do some stretching or get up and dance
  14. Blast your favorite music
  15. Sing at the top of your lungs; whether your good or not

It is so easy for us to forget about ourselves and focus on others. Always remember, self-care is not selfish. You can pick a few things and set certain days or times during a week but try to set aside even 10 minutes a day to breath just for yourself. If you need somewhere to start, try ‘self-care Sunday’, one day a week where you take some time for you so that you can start your week off fresh!

These are just a few tips to help manage yourself and life’s stresses. Even though this is mental health awareness month, it is always important to look after your mental health through the year.

If you or someone you know needs assistance call or text the crisis helpline at 988 to connect with a responder to get help without judgement.

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