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January 3, 2024

Keeping employees happy can be challenging but when you offer them a comprehensive benefits package or wellness account, you demonstrate that they are valued, and that you care about their wellbeing. Health benefits are essential in today’s world, but finding the right one for your needs can be tricky. At Quikcard, we do more than just offer standard health benefits and give you extra options. Our Health Spending Account (HSA) plans can be customized to suit you and your company, giving you more flexibility, more freedom, and more peace of mind.


Through our blog, we want to explain the benefits of an HSA, the kinds of services that are covered, and some posts about general health. We are here to support you and your families along the way by sharing our expertise and values.


Let us start by sharing our values with you:

  • To Listen: Our decisions are guided by the needs and wellbeing of our clients, brokers, team members and community.
  • To Empower: Our fully customizable, flexible, and affordable employee benefits plans maximize the value and minimize plan administration, so businesses of all sizes can support the health and wellness of their employees.
  • To Cultivate: We take care of our clients by investing in local causes and charitable organizations that foster lasting social good.
  • To Serve: We work with unwavering integrity, respect, and award-winning service, which have been the foundation of our success for 30+ years.

Our goal is to help businesses across Canada find the best solutions for them and help their employees and their families as well. We appreciate your time and interest, and we encourage you to follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and X(twitter) to stay up to date with our latest blog posts ! If this has motivated you to seek more flexibility in your company’s benefits, please contact us directly and we will gladly assist you.

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