Kegs Wine and More

What's your company story?

Kegs Wine and More has been open since September of 2011. We pride ourselves in entertaining and knowledgeable staff that cater our services to a customer’s specific needs. We specialize in providing Edmonton and surrounding areas with one-stop shopping for kegs and accessories for home Kegerator units. Access to our certified Sommelier will aid in selecting the perfect wine for your private event or home enjoyment for date night. Focused service attending to your specific needs is what we do best!

What do you enjoy most about being a Quikcard member?

Being a small company, we love the ability to offer our team members an adaptive benefits plan. It not only suits their particular needs and makes them feel valued as Kegs employees, but impacts employee retention greatly.

What is one thing people are surprised to learn about your business?

People are surprised to learn that our wine selection is that of a boutique wine store and that we have home delivery services!

Who is your ideal client/customer?

We are here to tailor our services to the unique needs of each customer that enters our store!

What has been your biggest challenge since COVID-19 and how did you/your business overcome it?

Being a wholesaler of liquor, wine and beer, 90% of our business was taken from us. We choose to dig our heels in and better define our brand. COVID has forced us to answer the tough question of what we are not executing on and to emphasize the areas we were excelling in. By acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses, our company has not only improved but it has come out ahead. The best part about this is that the customer is the one that benefits the most!

What is your favourite thing to do in Edmonton (or Canadian city you're from)?

Taking advantage of one of the greatest trail systems in Canada – Getting outside and exploring.

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